CD169, a unique macrophage entry portal for targeted delivery of antigens

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A new technology for the induction of high affinity isotype switched antibodies and long lasting antigen presentation based on CD169-targeting.

  • CD169-targeting is a promising new vaccination strategy
  • CD169 is an endocytic receptor only expressed on a subclass of differentiated macrophages
  • specific targeting of CD169 expressing macrophages increases the primary antibody response leading to i) high affinity antibodies and cellular immunity and ii) long lasting antigen presentation

We are looking for partners that are interested to develop and market vaccines based on the CD169-targeting technology and we are open to assist during the transfer of the technology and during the development phase.

We can offer

  • Vaccination and challenge models in different animal species
  • Tools and diagnostics for monitoring internalization and intracellular movement of αCD169-immunoconjugates
  • Diagnostics to evaluate immune responses to vaccination

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