21-22 May 2018 | Veterinary Vaccinology Workshop

A  European Veterinary Vaccinology Workshop is co-organised by  SAPHIR,  PARAGONE and the UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network, as satellite of the SAPHIR annual meeting in Edinburgh, on May 21-22nd 2018. The goal of this educational workshop is to provide an up-to-date knowledge on the challenges facing the development of effective veterinary vaccines, via lectures by renowned experts and brain storming sessions (more details attached to this email). The workshop targets both young and experienced scientists as well as other members of the animal health profession. On the 21rst, a specific session with presentation of career cases by young scientists will be dedicated to career perspectives in the field of veterinary vaccines. The workshop is free of fees and includes two lunches, coffee breaks, and a cocktail. Please note that it does not covers travel, diners and accommodation costs.

In order to attend, please pre-register  here A selection among the pre-registered people will be done based on equal representation of institutes. Preference will be given to young researchers implicated in SAPHIR or in projects related to SAPHIR . Researchers not involved in SAPHIR can also apply.

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