17 November 2020|Improve biosecurity on your farm with Biocheck.UGent

Improve biosecurity on your farm with Biocheck.UGent

Check how you can improve the biosecurity level on a farm at https://lnkd.in/dUUphHm and https://lnkd.in/dbueK_B

Biocheck provides a unique risk-based scoring system to measure the level of biosecurity in pig, poultry and cattle farms.

Biocheck allows an easy and fast quantification of a farm’s biosecurity, which is key in animal disease prevention.
Access to the system, which is marketed as a SaaS-based solution can be offered through an API.

Biocheck uses a calculation algorithm which takes into account all important risk factors, their frequency of occurrence, and interactions. It has been developed through years of scientific research and has been used and validated successfully in multiple studies pertaining to biosecurity.

Biocheck is unique in its kind, it is the only system available that provides a risk-based quantitative evaluation of biosecurity at farm-level.

Biocheck is continuously improved to stay in line with the most recent scientific insights. It has one of the largest databases, increasing continuously in size and global coverage, with biosecurity practices around the world. It has gathered international recognition as one of the most user-friendly and advanced systems of its kind.