At PROVAXS Services academic expertise and industrial product development thus touch each other by use of the in vitro and in vivo models that we offer.

The intensive interaction with our scientists can lead to more intensive and fruitful collaborations resulting in new innovations that can improve animal health.

Since many years our models and services have proven their value for both fundamental research and for testing of new or marketed products. Today we offer :

• animal facilities for a wide range of animal species (swine, cattle, poultry, goat, sheep, horse, dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and mice)
• studies that comply with currently applicable scientific, legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements and guidelines
• pharmacokinetic, bio-availability, residue and safety studies and bio-analysis with respect to the OECD and the EU principles of Good Laboratory Practice

Our infrastructure offers up to 50 separate animal units ranging in size from 10 up to 60m2 at biosafety level (BSL)2 and 3 animal units (350m2) at BSL3. All rooms are designed to allow housing of different animal species and, as such, allow maximum flexibility. The facilities meet the highest standards in view of biosafety (including sophisticated air-handling units and, for the BSL3-units, effluent decontamination and tissue digestion) and are in compliance with the latest ethical guidelines (KB29052013 and Directive 2010/63/EU).