PROVAXS, your partner for innovation in animal health

Discover 3 reasons why PROVAXS can become the preferred academic partner to support your innovation-projects in animal health


The expertise, knowledge and know how of our scientists
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PROVAXS offers access to a network of laboratories at Ghent University with a focus on infectious diseases and immunity that unite their expertise for the development of innovative vaccines, targeted therapeutics, feed additives and diagnostics.

We offer in depth academic expertise and research capacity on selected animal pathogens and the interaction with their host.

Our focus is on animal health but some technologies and know how can be used for or translated to applications in human medicine.


An entrepreneurial organization of scientists and experienced tech transfer professionals
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With PROVAXS we combine

  • The insight and know how of professors and academic scientists who perform breakthrough research in their field of expertise
  • High quality management of the collaboration with our partners by an experienced team of tech transfer professionals with special attention to swift contract negotiations,
    confidentiality of results and intellectual property and follow up of milestones and deliverables

We are open for all kinds of collaboration with our partners:

  • PhD research with industrial applications : evaluate how results of early discovery projects can fit in your R&D-activities
  • R&D-collaboration : partner with our academic experts and research teams to validate your ideas or to complement your own R&D-capacity
  • Outlicensing/co-development : accelerate your product development and build on validated research results, proof of concept data and intellectual property with a strong academic basis
  • Services : use our validated assays (in vitro, ex vivo, in situ) and animal models in your development program or post marketing studies
Access to proof of concept funding
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We have access to funding bodies like IWT (Flanders), FWO and the Federal Public Service Health Food Chain Safety and Environment (Belgium), Horizon2020 (EU).

Next to that Ghent University offers its researchers and their partners funding for exclusive use at crucial stages of the development track of innovation-oriented projects.

These projects can thus be used to mature research results and novel technologies towards transfer to industrial partners or to create new start up companies:

  • Generate proof of concept data during the priority year of a patent application to support the claims
  • Generate additional data to validate a target or a technology and fill the gaps identified by an industrial partner interested in licensing
  • Evaluate industrial proof of concept and/or the market potential of a new technology in preparation of or as the first step of an academic-industrial partnership

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