Safe and effective vaccine against Clostridium perfringens in poultry-LICENSED

The vaccine consists of a combination of NetB and alpha-toxin, both

The proof of concept study has been performed with

  • NetB W262A : NetB mutant W262A
  • CPA247-370 : the toxoid was produced in recombinant E. coli

containing the plasmid pGEX-3X-13, which encodes the C-terminal
domain of the alpha-toxin fused to GST (GST-Cpa247-370).

Results of in vivo vaccination and challenge

  • In the control groups of untreated chickens or chickens dosed with
  • adjuvant only the percentage positive chickens were 37% and 32%,
  • respectively.
  • Immunisation with NetB W262A and CPA247-370 reduced lesion scores
  • completely. None of the animals vaccinated with a combination of NetB
  • and CPA developed necrotic enteritis lesions after challenge.
  • In the group immunised with NetB 18% of the chickens showed lesions
  • and in animals immunised with CPA 12% of the chickens were positive.

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